Morning Star & Police

"The Policeman is sent by God to help you" Romans 13:3-4

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Some individuals have asked me, "How can you be a Christian and a Policeman?"  My answer to them is with a question, "How can you do any job without having a personal relationship with Christ Jesus?"  God doesn't want anyone to perish but wants everyone to come to the saving knowledge of his Son.  Becoming a Christian is very easy and it is not through works.  The free gift of eternal life,  is given to us simply by asking.  You might wonder, "How can this be or how can I receive this free gift?"  At the top of this short web page simply click on the link to the 4-Spritual laws button and begin reading how to be born again..  I would love to hear from you concerning your decision to follow Jesus. 

If you are already a born-again Christian, then please read  who you are in Christ Jesus.  Please personalize these scriptures when you read them (i.e. I am ...). 


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